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Ashe Design Blog — gallery block

Ashe Design Review: Artsy Couture Gallery Wraps (plus discount code)

From Gallery Blocks to Gallery Wraps, Expect the Best Quality I have to admit that when Artsy Couture first came onto the scene with the Gallery Block I was in love. We created a bunch of great Gallery Block designs and Artsy Couture reported back that they were seeing a lot of our designs come through lab. We weren't surprised. When you see these beautiful wood blocks in person there is no denying their beauty. They glimmer and are beautiful pieces. New: Canvas Gallery Wraps So, I guess you can say I was in love with Artsy Couture from the beginning....

$10 Tuesday: Spring Rain Senior Designs

Amazing $10 Spring Rain Designs Looking for something elegant and chic for those gals graduating this year? Look no more. Stock up on these beautiful Spring Rain Designs and you'll be all set. Get each of these amazing design sets for just $10 each. Just use the code: 10onTuesday Spring Rain Card Set Get 24 amazing templates for just $10! What a great deal for the ladies on your shot list! It's amazing! All you need is the code: 1oonTuesday Spring Rain Gallery Block Designed for the Classic Two Gallery Block, this Scrap Book Gallery Block includes(1) 23x19 backboard and...

$10 Tuesday: Amber Marie Birth Announcements

Amber Marie Birth Announcements, Collages and Gallery Block Today only, get three great products in the very popular Amber Marie Designs for just $10 each with the code: 10onTuesday Amber Marie Birth Announcements Get 12 beautiful die cut Birth Announcement designs in a rich brown color. Keep the original colors so spice it up a little ... our designs are fully layered psd files.    Amber Marie Collage Set A beautiful set of collages in 8x10, 11x14 and 10x20 sizes. Perfect for babies, families and so much more.    Amber Marie Gallery Block Designed for the Top of the Line...

On the 5th Day of Christmas

On the 5th day of Christmas my true love {Ashe Design} gave to me 30% off Gallery Blocks and Gallery Wraps … and the chance to win: 1. $50 in Ashe Cash 2. $25 in Actions from Pamela Topping 3. Rosette Bean Bag Cover from Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops 4. Maternity Posing Guide from Photography by Jacqueline 5. Camera Bag from Joy Bag Collection Gallery Blocks and Gallery Wraps turn your images into pieces of art that your customers will treasure for a lifetime. Help them keep those precious family memories proudly displayed in their homes with custom designs...

Ashe Design of the Day -- Nov. 17, 2011

ADOTD: Antique Bling Gallery Block for $10 Add a little Bling to your Gallery Block Designs with this shimmery Antique Bling Design. This design is formatted for the Triple Tirumphy Mini Block and it yours today, for just $10 with the code: ADOTD Get your block printed at any of these great labs: Artsy Couture, Bay Photo Lab, Century Color Lab or Nations Photo Lab. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a HUGE $5 Friday Sale!

Ashe Design of the Day -- Nov. 16, 2011

ADOTD: Gabriella Gallery Block, $10 Today get a real treat of a design in our very popular Gabriella Gallery Block Design. This design is made for the Royal Panes Block and is on sale today only for just $10. Use the code: ADOTD Get your block printed at any of these great labs: Artsy Couture, Bay Photo Lab, Century Color Lab or Nations Photo Lab. We'll have one more block design available tomorrow for just $10, so don't miss it!

Ashe Design of the Day -- Nov. 15, 2011

ADOTD: Cameo Gallery Block Design, $10 If you are looking for elegance, look no further. Today you can get our very popular Cameo design for the Mini Triple Triumph Gallery Block for just $10. Use the code: ADOTD Get your block printed at any of these great labs: Artsy Couture, Bay Photo Lab, Century Color Lab or Nations Photo Lab. Check back tomorrow for another great block design on sale for just $10!

Ashe Design of the Day -- Nov. 14, 2011

ADOTD: Timeless Gallery Block, $10 Today's Ashe Design of the Day is the elegant Timeless Gallery Block designed for the Triple Triumph Mini Block, which can be printed at Artsy Couture, Bay Photo, Century Color Lab and Nations Photo Lab. If you haven't noticed we LOVE Gallery Blocks and we know you customers will too! Order ups some studio samples and these babies will sell themselves. They are truly gorgeous. Start with the Timeless Design. You can add it to your collection today for just $10. Use the code: ADOTD

Gallery Block Tutorial Part II: Customize the Floating Blocks

The following video is Part II in a series that shows how to properly customize Ashe Design Gallery Block templates and then upload them through ROES to an approved vendor (Artsy Couture, Nations Photo Lab or Bay Photos). Begin with the first tutorial in the series: Gallery Block Tutorial Part I: Customize and Save the Backboard. Once you've finished, then view the following tutorial on customizing and saving the floating blocks for your gallery block.

Gallery Block Tutorial: Part I the Backboard

This is Part I in a series of tutorials on using the Ashe Design Gallery Block templates. These templates have a few custom settings to make sure that your final product prints perfectly! The most important thing to remember with the backboard file is to turn off or delete the layer that shows where the floater images will be placed. This prevents printing black shadows in the background. View the following video to see exactly how this can be done. For more inforamtion, please see the following tutorials. Gallery Block Tutorial Part II: Customizing and Saving Floating Blocks Gallery Block...