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Ashe Design Review: Artsy Couture Gallery Wraps (plus discount code)

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From Gallery Blocks to Gallery Wraps,

Expect the Best Quality

I have to admit that when Artsy Couture first came onto the scene with the Gallery Block I was in love. We created a bunch of great Gallery Block designs and Artsy Couture reported back that they were seeing a lot of our designs come through lab. We weren't surprised. When you see these beautiful wood blocks in person there is no denying their beauty. They glimmer and are beautiful pieces.

New: Canvas Gallery Wraps

So, I guess you can say I was in love with Artsy Couture from the beginning. But, when they announced they were launching a new line of Canvas Gallery Wraps and I thought, “how unique can a gallery wrap really be?” I mean I’ve ordered Gallery Wraps from all the major labs and I like them fine, but they are all pretty much the same. But, when Artsy Couture invited me to try the new Canvas Gallery Wraps I was delighted to be able to see what made their product so special and unique. Before I get started,  let me just say, “my love affair continues.” Not only are the Canvas Gallery Wraps super affordable ... they are also amazing quality.

Ashe Design Templates

I used our  Catherine Alise Collection and ordered a 20x24 of my husband and I, plus a set 3, 6x6 gallery wraps with each of the kids. (See all of our Gallery Wrap Designs.) As with anything I’ve ever ordered from Artsy Couture, they came well packed in a sturdy box. As I unwrapped my new pieces of art I was immediately impressed with colors and the tight corners on each wrap. However, the part that really sets these warps apart from the competition, at least for me, is the solid backing. So many times I’ve received a gallery wraps with a torn back and while I’m OK with that for my own wall, I could not imagine presenting that to a client. No chance that’s going to happen with the Artsy Couture Canvas Gallery Wraps. The hard backing is amazing!

As I expected from Artsy Couture, they came ready to hang with hardware attached, but as a bonus the 3x3 wraps also have an easel back. How fun! I’m thinking about ordering another set for my desk now!

In the light of full disclosure, there was a slight problem with my order. The middle 6x6 block, my daughter, came with the hanging hardware and easel on the wrong side – so she’d hang sideways on my wall. In true Artsy fashion I let them know and I had another shipped out in no time at all! Now my bedroom room is beautifully decorated with brand new Canvas Gallery Wraps by Artsy Couture with designs by Ashe Design, plus a little custom vinyl work to set them off a bit more. - Christina Roth, Marketing Director Ashe Design

30% OFF Canvas Gallery Wraps

If you haven’t ordered samples for your studio or home office, make sure you put that on this week’s “to do list.” You’ll definitely see sales. Plus, Artsy Couture has been kind enough to offer all Ashe Design customers a 30% discount on Canvas Gallery Wraps ordered today through Saturday, September 22, 2012. Just use the code: ASHEAC

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