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Ashe Design Blog — Review

Ashe Design Review: Artsy Couture Gallery Wraps (plus discount code)

From Gallery Blocks to Gallery Wraps, Expect the Best Quality I have to admit that when Artsy Couture first came onto the scene with the Gallery Block I was in love. We created a bunch of great Gallery Block designs and Artsy Couture reported back that they were seeing a lot of our designs come through lab. We weren't surprised. When you see these beautiful wood blocks in person there is no denying their beauty. They glimmer and are beautiful pieces. New: Canvas Gallery Wraps So, I guess you can say I was in love with Artsy Couture from the beginning....

5 Fabulous things about My Epiphanie

You know those great moments in life when you get an amazing idea? Maybe you call it an “augh-haw” moment? You know that adrenaline rush you get? I recently had one of those moments.  I call my latest one an Epiphanie – a Clover Bag by Epiphanie to be exact. There are some great camera bags out there, but I have to tell you I’m in love with my Clover Ephiphanie Bag. It’s so much more than just a camera bag! I’m one of those gals who is always wanting to tote my laptop and my camera everywhere I go....