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My business is growing and I cannot thank your business enough for that!!! My revenue doubled last year because of your templates.... no doubt!!!! Cheryl

This website and Facebook group are a GOLDMINE!! I went back and forth over getting the subscription and I must say I’m very pleased that I went fwd with it. Sheldon

I can’t get enough of your work. Its amazing and you make it so easy. Best money spent. Thank you for all you do! Jodi

I love all of your fun stuff! You are so creative and talented! Thanks so much! Nancy

I stumbled upon your website when I was looking for banner backgrounds for some softball banners.  I have to say I am blown away with all your offerings. Everything I have used is amazing.  Just wanted to shoot a note to say thank you! I'm a very happy customer. Carrie

LOVE YOU ASHE DESIGN!!!!! NEVER stop doing what you do, PLEASE!!!!! I am a photographer for a national minor league team. Gary

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what an amazing find it was to come across Ashe Design! It was through a free offer that I began exploring your site and now I can't stop! It blows my mind! The work is beyond awesome! The quality is magnificent. It is obvious time was taken for the details and resolution and clarity. This is not at a crafty level but a high level of professionalism. Rhonda

I have been shooting sports for the past 5 years and have spent countless hours learning Photoshop and creating sports edits from scratch!  I made a few good ones, but your templates are OUTSTANDING! Your website store allows me to save a substantial amount of time while taking "my game" to the next level! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  You have a customer for LIFE! David

Love your templates! Can't get over the wonderful projects I complete and the positive feedback I get.  Love the fact that I can use them right out the box or play around and make them unique for what I need them for. Thank you for all you do!! Teresa

I am addicted to your stuff! Kristina
Your work is the finest out there in my opinion. David
I have been a member of Ashe Design since early May and I just have to say that my sports photography has gone from non-existent to being the premiere Sports Photog in my county. Thank you! Christian

My Ashe posters are what helped me land the job of ALL the teams for one local high school! You are not only helping businesses, but changing lives. Truly! Kathy
I have been a professional artist for 40 years.These products are fantastic.I am amazed at the quality of these designs.You will not be disappointed with these great products.FANTASTIC!!!!! Ron
I just have to comment on the customer service, AWESOME!!! 2 files would not download tonight, so I sent an email, assuming I would hear back from Ashe Design withing a day or two. No, almost instantly I received an email with the files I needed - did I mention it is after 10 pm?! Thank you so much for the best & fastest customer support I have ever experienced.  Sabine
I just want to say how impressed I am with Ashe Design! We have been using your templates for a few years now and always get really great reviews on our products. You make us better! Studio316Design

Thanks Sonja, My clientele is picking up with the help of your templates Kim

I placed an ad in a local school's football program that featured two of my images using your templates and I have been a busy lady ever since. Lisa

I just can't say thanks enough for these amazing templates that I'm able to tweak and make my own! Very very cool - and very very appreciative! Shani

I have to say, I can't stop editing photos and making cool images...Ashe has given me new energy for editing that's for sure. Robert
Our Minor Hockey Association takes proposals for hockey photos each year. It involves about 120 kids. I put in my proposal using the Amped Effect Full Steam Hockey. Changed a few things around and added a few touches and got a unanimous vote from the board and got the proposal. Parents are really loving the design. Kim

Thanks I am loving the designs, I started building my own and came across your website and fell in love with some of the designs and it is history, now I can work faster. I love them that you can customize them and add elements to them. Lynn
Honestly, I own dozens and dozens of products from Ashe Design. I am so impressed with the selection, artistic quality and ease of use. I can say they are my single go to template supplier! Keep up the amazing work and thank you Ashe Design for helping us with achieving our goal to put smiles on our customers faces. Tressa
Love Ashe sports templates because you can either use them "as-is" or you can move around the design elements to design something uniquely yours. Debbie
ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT customer service!! You don't see that much these days! Thanks, Ashe Design!! Shannon
Their digital backdrops are amazing! Super easy to use, high quality image, comes in layers to play with and beautiful image! I cant wait to buy more! Jewlz

They are the best templates for sports that I have seen. Barbara
Their Pure Palette Sunset has to be the best Photoshop action I've have seen. Love what it has done to my photos! They look stunning! Deanna

I loved working with the fire graphics! They were easy to move and size as I needed. I used them on photos, large banners, car magnets, buttons and canvas bags. They printed great! No matter what size I needed they stayed sharp and clear! Clients loved how realistic the fire looked! Thank you! Amy

Easy to use, beautiful and affordable. You Rock! Tammy

Thank you for proving us with such a wonderful tools, and so easy to work with. Lilly

OMGOOOODNESSSS these are so awesome.... Anna

I have the whole Madison Grace collection. My clients LOVE it, and so do I. The templates are super easy to work with. I love how classy and vintage it looks. My client burst into tears, when she saw it. Annet

I use all of Ashe products for my wall posters, and personal designs. My clients love them and it cuts my work time drastically! Cindy

Love the designs and they are unique. I like how I can change colors to suit my needs...highly recommend! Samantha

5 STARS! Their snow action was super easy to use and saved my family's Christmas cards this year! It was unseasonably warm this year in Indiana, 70 degrees and absolutely no snow. We took out photos and I ran this action- LOVE IT!!! My mother was with us when we took out photo and couldn't believe the results! Malissa

I absolutely love their overlays; great for wedding or new baby pics! I lost my original file when my laptop crashed, and hunted everywhere to find them again. Thank you so much! Kathy

I had my first senior portraits and wanted to give the client something new and designed towards her personality/style and this fit with her just perfect! I am able to change the colors around and even use them for a wedding I just did! I love Ashe Designs! I've been a very happy customer for a few years now! Mary

I don't normally use a lot of actions when I edit, but when they work like these, it's awesome! Thanks for stepping out of the 'templates' box and getting creative. Tom

Ashe Design Collage Templates are the only ones I use. They are so easy to use & so versatile too. You can edit & change any part of the collage or leave it as it is. They showcase my images beautifully! Phyllis

I've been an Ashe Design customer for over 10 years!! I love all of my word art and other templates. You can' go wrong purchasing from Ashe Design. Dawn

I love the layers that I can turn on and off or I can just drop in my pictures and not make any changes. Letisha

Easy to use, tasteful. Spot on. Michael

Thank you so much for telling me about the blog boards, and for having them as part of the Friday sale. I've got a lot of sessions I'm handling right now, and these are making it a bit easier to share a great story, instead of each image at a time! THANK YOU AGAIN!! ♥ Christina

Love the beach quotes, if you ever have more, I will buy them all! Barbara
Love your company! Everything so easy to use. So much material! Well worth the membership. Nanetta

Your templates are amazing and I love them! They’ve made me learn so much. Christal

These templates are incredible.Best I've seen. Jason

So glad I finally joined! No better deal anywhere! Pamela

I've been using Ashe Design for some time now. I do the monthly unlimited and absolutely love it. Well worth the money. Kenny