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Ashe Design Blog — gallery blocks

Ashe Design of the Day -- Nov 13, 2011

ADOTD: Bubble Gum Gallery Block, $10 Today we feature a fun and favorite design: Bubble Gum! This design was created for the Top of the Line Gallery Block and includes (1) 15x20 backboard and (1) 10x7 float template. It's perfect for children or families and make a great holiday gift for a child's room! Get the Bubble Gum Gallery Block template today only for just $10. Use the code: ADOTD This block can be printed at Artsy Couture, Bay Photo Lab, Century Color, Nations Photo Lab.

Ashe Design of the Day -- Nov. 12, 2011

ADOTD: Ginger Bread Gallery Block. $10 This week we will feature one of our favorite products: Gallery Blocks. Every day this week we will run an amazing special on one design from our Gallery Block Collection. Today we are featuring Ginger Bread designed for the Invite Left - Mini Gallery Block. This block includes a 15x10 backboard and (2) 5.5x7 float templates. Gallery Block can be printed at Artsy Couture, Bay Photo Lab, Century Color, Nations Photo Lab. Ginger Bread is a great holiday design with a classic style that can stand on it's own throughout the year! It makes...

Gallery Block Tutorial Part II: Customize the Floating Blocks

The following video is Part II in a series that shows how to properly customize Ashe Design Gallery Block templates and then upload them through ROES to an approved vendor (Artsy Couture, Nations Photo Lab or Bay Photos). Begin with the first tutorial in the series: Gallery Block Tutorial Part I: Customize and Save the Backboard. Once you've finished, then view the following tutorial on customizing and saving the floating blocks for your gallery block.

Artsy Couture Printing Tip

If you've purchased an Ashe Design template for printing gallery blocks at Artsy Couture, please read this important message! Tips & Tricks: Uploading to Artsy Couture If you purchased an Artsy Couture Gallery Block from Ashe Design we have a very important tip! With each Artsy Couture template purchase you get multiple files. There is one “backboard” file and one or more “floater” files.   When you open the “backboard” file you’ll see multiple black boxes that show where the “floaters” will be placed. In the top of the Photoshop layers menu you’ll find a layer called TURN THIS LAYER...

Sports Gallery Blocks

We have some brand new Artsy Couture Gallery Blocks in some great sports designs. Check the out on our site with all the other wonderful Artsy Couture Gallery Block templates. Plus, let us know what designs you'd like next!   [poll id="6"] Remember that you can get 30% OFF on printing from our friends at Artsy Couture. Just use the promo code ASHE before May 31, 2011.

April's Freebie - Artsy Couture Gallery Block

April's FREE Template: Artsy Couture Gallery Block You do not want to miss the April Freebie! This month get the beautiful Devin Patrick Birth Certificate Gallery Block for free. It's an amazing deal! This Gallery Block, printed by Artsy Couture, makes a great gift for Mother's Day and is a wonderful keepsake any time of the year. Plus, for a limited time, get 30% off on printing at Artsy Couture -- until May 31, 2011. Just enter ASHE for the promotion code.

Win a FREE Gallery Block

Win a Free Gallery Block from Artsy Couture Pop on over to the Artsy Couture Facebook page and let them know Ashe Design sent you over! That's all you have to do for an entry in the give-a-way of one Gallery Block! Plus, everyone's a winner with a 30% discount at Artsy Couture. Here's how easy it is: 1. Purchase our new Artsy Couture templates 2. Order your Gallery Blocks from Artsy Couture and enter ASHE at checkout for a 30% discount 3. Make your customers smile! Gallery blocks are perfect for babies, engagements, weddings, seniors ... really pretty much...

$5 Friday Sale - March 18, 2011

Increase Sales with this Fabulous $5 Friday Deal If you are serious about growing your photography business you do not want to miss today’s $5 Friday Sale. Not only are we providing you with the opportunity to purchase 4 fantastic Gallery Block templates for printing at Artsy Couture for just $5 each, but we are also giving you access to a product that we believe will help you increase your sales. It's really as easy as 1 - 2 - 3! 1. Stock up on the templates while they are just $5. Get 4 wonderful new templates for printing at...

Increase Sales and Grow Profits

Increase Sales and Grow Profits Increasing sales from each session can go a long ways towards growing profits. Here are some tips for increasing sales with all of your customers. 1. Provide unique upgrades. These can be large wall art pieces like Wall Riders and Gallery Blocks or smaller pieces like Image Folios and Photo Books. We recommend having a wide range of upgrade options at several price points. It’s also handy to have examples in your studio to show customers. It’s much easier for a customer to pass on an idea or suggestion. It’s a completely different story to...