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Artsy Couture Printing Tip

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If you've purchased an Ashe Design template for printing gallery blocks at Artsy Couture, please read this important message!

Tips & Tricks: Uploading to Artsy Couture

If you purchased an Artsy Couture Gallery Block from Ashe Design we have a very important tip!

With each Artsy Couture template purchase you get multiple files. There is one “backboard” file and one or more “floater” files.


When you open the “backboard” file you’ll see multiple black boxes that show where the “floaters” will be placed.

In the top of the Photoshop layers menu you’ll find a layer called TURN THIS LAYER OFF BEFORE PRINTING. If you click the “eye” to the right of that layer, the layer is turned off and the black boxes disappear.

Please complete this step BEFORE saving your final “backboard” jpg file, which you can then upload to Artsy Couture through their ROES system. This means the final file uploaded in ROES does NOT have any black boxes. This also means that your finished product will not have any black shadows on the backboard below the floating images! We’ve also asked Artsy Couture to please contact any photographers who forget to turn of this layer before printing the final gallery block, giving them the option to resubmit the jpg before printing. If you have questions about the designs you can reach us at Please contact Artsy Couture directly for information about uploading designs.

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