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Increase Sales and Grow Profits

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Increase Sales and Grow Profits

Increasing sales from each session can go a long ways towards growing profits. Here are some tips for increasing sales with all of your customers. 1. Provide unique upgrades.

These can be large wall art pieces like Wall Riders and Gallery Blocks or smaller pieces like Image Folios and Photo Books.

We recommend having a wide range of upgrade options at several price points. It’s also handy to have examples in your studio to show customers.

It’s much easier for a customer to pass on an idea or suggestion. It’s a completely different story to hand your customers at shimmering Gallery Block from Artsy Couture or Wall Rider from Pixel2Canvas. Suddenly they feel the quality in their hands and envision beautiful works of art on their walls. Before you know it a small investment helped you make numerous new sales.

(This Friday’s $5 sale (March 18) is on four beautiful Artsy Couture Gallery Block templates. Plus, we’ve negotiated a 30% discount from Artsy Couture for our customers, so it’s a fabulous time to order samples for your studio.)

2. Price upgrades correctly.

Many photographers struggle with pricing products. Make sure you figure in necessary profit margins – and don’t forget about your time.

One way to make these upgrades more affordable for your customers is to decrease your design time with templates from Ashe Design. You won’t make money if you spend hours designing custom upgrades for your customers.

You will make money when designing customized upgrades only take a few minutes. We offer easy-to-use templates for a wide range of upgrades.


3. Package upgrades in your collections.

If you sell collections, include options with upgrades your customers will love. Priced solo, custom pieces might not look affordable to some of your customers. However, when custom pieces are part of a collection, your customers will be delighted to get pieces they never thought they could afford.


If you sell digital files, be sure to include a customized CD/DVD case to make the images more tangible. Printed pieces (and free upgrades) always increase referrals.


  4. Ask for referrals

Speaking of referrals …

When your customers see their beautiful custom pieces – and are so excited to show them to everyone they know – make sure you ask them to refer their friends and family.

We have some referral card templates as a part of our Marketing Kits, which will also help you develop a stronger brand.

  For more information about growing your photography business and for great sales and promotions, be sure to visit this site regularly!

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