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Sharpen Your Images in Photoshop

Learn how you can sharpen your images in Photoshop. In five quick steps you'll transform your soft images into beautiful and sharp images.

How to Write a Slogan for Your Photography Business

You’re in the photography business because you love taking photos. You love capturing moments and you love preserving memories and telling stories. But, if you want to run a profitable photography business you’ll have to learn how to sell too. There are endless ways to sell and countless sales strategies. It can be very overwhelming.

DOL: Upload Your Own Template - Customize Photo Book Cover

Design Online (DOL) Tool for Printing Photography Templates Ashe Design's new Design Online (DOL) tool, lets photographers design custom products from our photography templates via a drag & drop online interface and place print orders directly from our website. Upload Your Own Design Template Photographers can also upload custom designs into our Upload Your Own templates and print from our website. This video shows photographers how to customize the cover on an Upload Your Own Photo Book template. In addition to this video, we also have step by step instructions for customizing Photoshop templates and creating a complete book to...

Photoshop Action - Be Beautiful | Stray Hair Remover

New Photoshop Action for Removing Stray Hairs Sometimes those stray hairs can really be a nuisance, so we developed a quick and easy solution! Our new Be Beautiful Stray Hair Remover is a quick and easy way to get expert results. Now you can effortlessly remove unwanted fly-away hairs and keep full control of the layers! Check out these before and after images! Use the slider to view before and after images and watch the stray hairs disappear! Use the buttons below to see images with different colors and style of hair. [baslider name="BeBeautifulStrayHairAction"] How did we do it? Watch...

How Close All Photoshop Windows with a Single Click

Close all Photoshop windows with one click! It doesn't matter if you on a PC or a Mac. We've got the short cuts you'll love. Learn how to close all of your window with just one click!

Tuesday Tip: Undo, Undo Photoshop

Photoshop Tip No. 1: Undo, Undo, Undo One of the most useful keyboard shortcuts is ctrl+z (cmd+z) to undo your last action. But did you know you can perform repeated undos by holding down ctrl+alt+z (cmd+alt+z)? This is my favorite shortcut of all and should get us an OMG or 2!

3 Tips for Using Photoshop Layers with Photography Templates

If you're new to Photoshop and PSD templates (or a seasoned pro) there are always more fun tricks to learn about Photoshop. Today I want to explore a couple of quick tricks that you can use when you’re customizing our photography templates or when you’re working with any of your images in Photoshop.

Tuesday Tip: Learn to use Texture Overlays

Since we have a ton of great Textures in the Bargain Bin right now, we thought we'd make this Tuesday Tip about using them in your images. Check out this short video that walks you through adding Textures to your images.

Tuesday Tip: Add Textures to Your Images

Adding textures to your images can change the lighting, character and so much more. The real key to working with textures is trial and error. We suggest playing with the the layer mode, the opacity and the saturation for starters.

Digital Sets Now Available

We are so excited to launch our new Digital Backdrops. Each set includes 3 studio backdrops with added lighting layers. Simply cut out your subjects, add them to the backdrop and customize with lighting and shadows to create a beautiful studio look without the studio set up!