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Sharpen Your Images in Photoshop

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I loved this photo I took of my daughter at the park, but it was too soft. I didn't want to toss it, so I decided I'd just sharpen in in Photoshop. Before I show you the quick and easy steps I used to sharpen my image, check out the Before and After.

Just use the slider on the image below to see the transformation.

[baslider name="SharpenImage"]

Step 1: Duplicate the Background Layer

I simply right click on the background layer in the Layers Palette and choose Duplicate Layer to create a new copy of the layer on top of my original layer.

Duplicate the Background Layer

Step 2: Add a High Pass Filter to the New Layer

With the new layer selected (highlighted) choose Filter > Other > High Pass to open the High Pass Filer Adjustments.

Add a High Pass Filer to Your New Layer

Step 3: Adjust the High Pass Filter

Use the slider to fine tune the filter, then click OK when you are finished.

Adjust the High Pass Filer

Step 4: Change the Layer Blending Mode to Overlay

At the top of your Layers Palette there is a drop down with multiple blending modes. Choose Overlay from this drop down to apply it to your new layer.

Change the Layer Blending Mode to Overlay

Step 5: Adjust the Opacity

Use the Opacity Slider at the top of your Layers Palette to achieve the desired results.

Adjust the Opacity as Needed

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