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Tuesday Tip: Add Textures to Your Images

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How to Add Texture Overlays to  Your Images

Adding textures to your images can change the lighting, character and so much more. The real key to working with textures is trial and error. We suggest playing with the the layer mode, the opacity and the saturation for starters.

Here's how we transformed this image from our before to after look.


How we did it!

First, we added  Texture #2 from our "Scratched Set" directly over our image. Then we set the layer mode to Soft Light and the Opacity t 50%. 1-AddTextures Next we adjusted the Saturation to -100. 2-Saturation Next add Texture #3 from the "Scratched Set" and repeated the same process to adjust the layer mode saturation. Ultimately we set layer mode to Soft Light and adjusted the saturation to -50. Finally we grabbed our eyedropper tool and selected a neutral tan color. Then, with a soft brush we  painted directly on both texture layers where we didn't want to see the texture (i.e. face and skin). Here's the end result. After  

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