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Ashe Design Blog — bay photo

Ashe Design of the Day -- Nov. 14, 2011

ADOTD: Timeless Gallery Block, $10 Today's Ashe Design of the Day is the elegant Timeless Gallery Block designed for the Triple Triumph Mini Block, which can be printed at Artsy Couture, Bay Photo, Century Color Lab and Nations Photo Lab. If you haven't noticed we LOVE Gallery Blocks and we know you customers will too! Order ups some studio samples and these babies will sell themselves. They are truly gorgeous. Start with the Timeless Design. You can add it to your collection today for just $10. Use the code: ADOTD

Gallery Block Tutorial: Part I the Backboard

This is Part I in a series of tutorials on using the Ashe Design Gallery Block templates. These templates have a few custom settings to make sure that your final product prints perfectly! The most important thing to remember with the backboard file is to turn off or delete the layer that shows where the floater images will be placed. This prevents printing black shadows in the background. View the following video to see exactly how this can be done. For more inforamtion, please see the following tutorials. Gallery Block Tutorial Part II: Customizing and Saving Floating Blocks Gallery Block...

Ashe Design of the Day - July 21, 2011

ADOTD: Tribal Teen Gallery Block Now's your chance to try a Gallery Block with a template at a great price. Get the Tribal Teen Gallery Block today for just $10. Gallery Blocks are a beautiful display that your customers will love and today only you can get started with a template for just $10! Use the code: ADOTD. Print your gallery block at any of the following labs: Artsy Couture, Bay Photo Lab, Garrett-Lane Color Lab, Nations Photo Lab.

Who's your lab?

We always want to design the highest quality designs made perfectly for your lab -- so it's super easy for you. With all the new labs and specialty products popping everywhere it's getting more difficult. So, we want to know who we should be designing for! Who's your lab? Pick your favorite lab from the list below. Then in the comments let us know you played ... or add your favorite lab in the comments section if you favorite isn't on our list! Everyone who comments will be entered in a drawing for $100 in Ashe Cash! So, tell us...