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Ashe Design Tutorial: Using Display Templates

Learn how to customize Ashe Design Display templates to digitally show you customers what the final product will look like!

Ashe Design of the Day -- Nov. 15, 2011

ADOTD: Cameo Gallery Block Design, $10 If you are looking for elegance, look no further. Today you can get our very popular Cameo design for the Mini Triple Triumph Gallery Block for just $10. Use the code: ADOTD Get your block printed at any of these great labs: Artsy Couture, Bay Photo Lab, Century Color Lab or Nations Photo Lab. Check back tomorrow for another great block design on sale for just $10!

Ashe Design of the Day -- Nov. 14, 2011

ADOTD: Timeless Gallery Block, $10 Today's Ashe Design of the Day is the elegant Timeless Gallery Block designed for the Triple Triumph Mini Block, which can be printed at Artsy Couture, Bay Photo, Century Color Lab and Nations Photo Lab. If you haven't noticed we LOVE Gallery Blocks and we know you customers will too! Order ups some studio samples and these babies will sell themselves. They are truly gorgeous. Start with the Timeless Design. You can add it to your collection today for just $10. Use the code: ADOTD

Holiday Card Samples: 2 for $2!

Ready, set, increase sales! Learn how to put together a complete marketing program around the 2 for $2 Holiday Card Promotion, then use the following steps to order your custom cards and increase sales! 1. Pick your designs: Browse the holiday designs available from Ashe Design Purchase and download your favorites Add your images, save files as jpg   2. Order your samples: Go to Fill out the {Become a Customer} form Download {CC Roes} (located in Software Downloads) Once in ROES, navigate to: Main Catalog > Greeting Cards > then choose either {Folded Cards/Promo Folded Cards}...

3 Steps to Increase Sales with the 2 for $2 Holiday Card Promotion

Ashe Design has teamed up with Century Color to offer an amazing holiday card promotion. What's the best way to make the sale? Get product in your customers' hands! With the 2 for $2 Holiday Card Promotion you can customize holiday cards for your customers and increase sales! If your ready to order, we've put together the steps for ordering, so go on over and check it out! But ... read on for a simple 3-Step Marketing Program that will help you increase holiday sales! With the 2 for $2 Holiday Card Promotion, you'll get 2 duplicate holiday card samples...

Gallery Block Tutorial Part II: Customize the Floating Blocks

The following video is Part II in a series that shows how to properly customize Ashe Design Gallery Block templates and then upload them through ROES to an approved vendor (Artsy Couture, Nations Photo Lab or Bay Photos). Begin with the first tutorial in the series: Gallery Block Tutorial Part I: Customize and Save the Backboard. Once you've finished, then view the following tutorial on customizing and saving the floating blocks for your gallery block.

Gallery Block Tutorial: Part I the Backboard

This is Part I in a series of tutorials on using the Ashe Design Gallery Block templates. These templates have a few custom settings to make sure that your final product prints perfectly! The most important thing to remember with the backboard file is to turn off or delete the layer that shows where the floater images will be placed. This prevents printing black shadows in the background. View the following video to see exactly how this can be done. For more inforamtion, please see the following tutorials. Gallery Block Tutorial Part II: Customizing and Saving Floating Blocks Gallery Block...

We are looking for a baby photographer

Attention: Baby Photographers Want to take your business to the next level with TONS of free templates, plus have the opportunity to get your work in front of thousands of professional photographers? Apply to become the official baby photographer for Ashe Design. DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION IN WORD That’s right, we are looking for a professional photographer to be the new official Ashe Design Baby Photographer. What’s that mean exactly? It means your images will be used and credited in all of our baby designs – in front of 10,000 professional photographers on our e-mail list and countless others who visit...

Deals, deals, deals!

A TON of Ashe Design Deals going on! There are a lot of great Ashe Design promotions going on right now. We thought we'd give you the run down, so you can take advantage of all of them. You can save a lot of money, win Ashe Cash and download free templates! 1) March Freebie: This is the last week to get the March Freebie! If you haven't downloaded it be sure to do that now! 2) Get 30% off printing at Artsy Couture. Just enter ASHE at checkout. If you need a template, check out all of our Artsy...

New Senior Designs 25% OFF

New: Senior Designs 25% OFF The new Senior Designs are now available and 25% OFF through Sunday, March 27, 2011. Get them while they are HOT! Just enter SENIOR25 at checkout!