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Ashe Design Blog — Learning Center

Photoshop Action | Be Beautiful - Amazing Eyes

How to Use the Be Beautiful Amazing Eyes Photoshop Action Photo editing just got easier with the new Amazing Eyes Photoshop Action. It's part of the new Be Beautiful Set by Ashe Design. This brush-on action is incredibly quick and easy to use, giving you full control over the intensity of the effect. First, it allows you to expertly sharpen the iris and pupil revealing the depth and clarity of the eyes. Then, you can add just the right amount of brightness to the whites of the eyes and the iris color leaving you with stunningly natural results!  

Perfect Skin and Healthy Glow Actions

How to Use Perfect Skin and Healthy Glow Photoshop Actions Simplify your photo editing process with new Photoshop Actions from Ashe Design. This video shows you how to use the the Perfect Skin and Healthy Glow Actions. (Read more about these actions below.) *Perfect Skin* This brush-on Photoshop Action for photographers is incredibly easy to use, versatile and gives you full control of the intensity. It makes photo editing a breeze, by clearing up blemishes, fading freckles, smoothing wrinkles and softening chapped lips… all while retaining the natural skin texture. *Healthy Glow* This subtle and easy-to-use, brush on action will...

Scale and Clear Layer Effects in Photoshop

Learn to Scale or Clear Layer Effects and Photoshop Styles Learn how to scale and clear layer effects in Photoshop. This is handy with any effect you might add to your layers, but essential if you use Ashe Design Style Sets!

Photoshop Action | Amped Effect MVP Action

Learn How to Use our Amped Effect MVP Photoshop Action Add detail and drama to sports image, senior pictures and much more! With one click you can add amazing effects! Get our MVP Photoshop Action for all of your sports images!  

Photoshop Action - Be Beautiful | Stray Hair Remover

New Photoshop Action for Removing Stray Hairs Sometimes those stray hairs can really be a nuisance, so we developed a quick and easy solution! Our new Be Beautiful Stray Hair Remover is a quick and easy way to get expert results. Now you can effortlessly remove unwanted fly-away hairs and keep full control of the layers! Check out these before and after images! Use the slider to view before and after images and watch the stray hairs disappear! Use the buttons below to see images with different colors and style of hair. [baslider name="BeBeautifulStrayHairAction"] How did we do it? Watch...

Photoshop Action -- Essentials Set

Our new Essentials Photoshop Action set will help you transform your images quickly and easily.Use our 5 new Essentials Actions (coming Aug. 1) to transform all of your images! You'll want to use these actions on every image you take!

Load and Use Ashe Design Styles in Photoshop

Learn How To Load and Use Photoshop Styles   Now Put It Into Practice Watch this video to see exactly how we used the Fire Photoshop Style Set to add flames to this text.

Upload Your Own Photo Book & Print

We are just now launching our new 5x7 Soft Cover Photo Books! We are starting with our Design Your Own template, where you can add finished designs and order from our website! It's so easy! You're going to love it. Here are step by step instructions for ordering any design in a 5x7 Soft Cover Photo Book from the Ashe Design website.

Use Light Casts to Add Light to Your Images

Ashe Design Light Cast Video | Learn to Use Light Cast Sets Learn how to use Ashe Design Light Cast Sets to add beautiful light to your favorite images. See how just a little light can add beautiful warmth to your photos.  

Use the Quick Selection Tool to Remove Subject from the Background

Use a Photoshop Layer Mask to Add Images to Amped Effect Templates Learn how to use the Quick Selection tool in Photoshop to create a layer mask, allowing you to create image cut outs that work in the new Ashe Design Apmed Effects templates.