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Ashe Design Blog — Templates in Photoshop

Easy Transforming Word Art Tutorial

Take your images to the next level by adding word art to your images. This super easy tutorial will show you one technique we like to use.

How To Use Our Live For The Game Sports Photography Template

Create Custom Sports prints and posters with our "Live For Game Day" Photoshop Template Our Live for Game Day Photoshop template set is perfect for almost any sport. Add local athletes to this design, which includes a custom metal name plate. Add the player's school, name and number for a completely customized design your clients will love. Simply clip your image to the photo layer and then paint with a black brush in the layer mask to pull part of your image to the front of the name plate. This one simple step adds dimension and character to your overall...

Photography Template Basics: Clipping Masks + Image Reszing

Ashe Design templates can be used to design beautiful photo products including collages, photo books, cards, invitations and much more. To use our photography templates, you only need to know a few basic Photoshop (or PSE) tools.

Scale and Clear Layer Effects in Photoshop

Learn to Scale or Clear Layer Effects and Photoshop Styles Learn how to scale and clear layer effects in Photoshop. This is handy with any effect you might add to your layers, but essential if you use Ashe Design Style Sets!

Load and Use Ashe Design Styles in Photoshop

Learn How To Load and Use Photoshop Styles   Now Put It Into Practice Watch this video to see exactly how we used the Fire Photoshop Style Set to add flames to this text.

Use Light Casts to Add Light to Your Images

Ashe Design Light Cast Video | Learn to Use Light Cast Sets Learn how to use Ashe Design Light Cast Sets to add beautiful light to your favorite images. See how just a little light can add beautiful warmth to your photos.  

Use the Quick Selection Tool to Remove Subject from the Background

Use a Photoshop Layer Mask to Add Images to Amped Effect Templates Learn how to use the Quick Selection tool in Photoshop to create a layer mask, allowing you to create image cut outs that work in the new Ashe Design Apmed Effects templates.

Customize Word Art by Adding Color

Customize Word Art by Adding Color Learn how to quickly add color to Ashe Design's Word Art.