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Upload Your Own Photo Book & Print

5x7 Soft Cover Flip Design (and print) Online Design Online DOL Learning Center photo book Print Online Training Videos

We are just now launching our new 5x7 Soft Cover Photo Books! We are starting with our Design Your Own template, where you can add finished designs and order from our website! It's so easy! You're going to love it. Here are step by step instructions for ordering any design in a 5x7 Soft Cover Photo Book from the Ashe Design website. If you prefer, you can also download our printable PDF Guide!

Step 1: Use the Sizing Guides to check your design to our print specs

Simply put your 5x7 cover and page designs in our sizing guides to check your design against our print specs. This will let you move any important elements before you get to the print step.

Get the Sizing Guides Here:

5x7 Soft Cover Flip Book: Cover | Left Page | Right Page


Step 2: Save your finished pages as jpgs and upload to One Drive.

If you don’t have a One Drive Account, we strongly encourage you to consider getting one. It’s the easiest way to add images to our photo products. Pro Tip: Name your files in alpha order. We start with Cover and then Page01, Page02 ... up to Page20. This ensures that my images auto-load in the correct order when I add them to my photo book. Step2

Step 3: Add your images to the Photo Book Template.

Once you click Personalize on the product page to open the Design Online tool, you’ll be asked to add your images. Click on the One Drive folder and navigate to your images. Click Add All. Pro Tip: If you named your images in alpha order (see Step 2) they will automatically populate the book in sequential order. Step3

Step 4: Click Customize

Your Photo Book will automatically load with your pages in place, but you’ll need to position your cover image to cover the front and back of your photo book. The first step is to click the blue Customize button. Then confirm by clicking the green Switch to Customize Mode button. Step4

Step 5: Set As Background

Now that you are in Customize Mode you’ll have additional options available. Click on your cover image in the work area (5a) to select it.Then, from the photo options box, click on Set as background (5b). Step5

Step 6: Apply on whole cover?

Once you choose, Set as background it will ask if you should apply the image to the whole cover or a single side. Choose Whole cover.

Step 7: Modify, preview and print!

Once your cover is set you can swap any images you want by going back to your image folder. Otherwise, simply preview your finished book and start the check out process. Step6-7 View the images to see the step by step instructions or download our PDF Guide.

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