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How to Use Ashe Design’s Photoshop Templates

Thank you for choosing Ashe Design for your template needs. Our Photoshop templates are fully layered, customizable files. This means you can use the Photoshop software to change colors, move image boxes, customize text, and much more. 

The following will show you how to simply add your images to our template designs. For more advanced features and functionality, please visit our Training Video Gallery or our Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to try one of our designs before you make a purchase, we encourage you to download our free trial card. This is a perfect place to practice. 


  1. 1. Open your Photoshop (.psd) template, and then locate the Layer Palette. If the Layer Palette is not visible press the “F7” key on your keyboard or alternately you can use the top menu. Simply select Window > Layers.

    From the Layers Palette, choose the photo layer that you’d like to place your image inside by clicking on the layer. The layer will turn blue in the Layer Palette to indicate that it is the active layer.

    >>> SHORTCUT: Hold down the Control (Windows) or Command (MAC) key and double click on the photo box with your selection tool to select photo layer (check to make sure the proper layer is selected (blue) in the Layers Palette.

    2. Open your image in Photoshop and drag it to the desired image box on the template. Notice your image is now the dark blue (active) layer in your template.

  2. If you have troubles dragging your image to the template, try the following:
    • Open your image
    • Choose Select > All from the top navigation menu. Alternately you can also hold down on the Control (Windows) or Command (MAC) button + A
    • Once you selected your image copy by choosing Edit > Copy from the top menu or use the key code Control (Windows) or Command (MAC) + C
    • Go back to your template and select the photo layer where you’d like to place your image (see step 1 above) and paste your image. Edit > Paste from the menu or use the key code Control (Windows) or Command (MAC) + V

    >>> NOTE: If you are using a high quality photo it will likely cover your entire template. See the next step to clip your image.

  3. To clip your image to the photo layer, use Photoshop’s Clipping Mask functionality. To do this hold down on the Alt (Windows) or Option (MAC) key on your keyboard and position your mouse between the two layers (photo layer on the template and your image), until you see two overlapping circles, click to clip your image into the photo box.

    If you cannot get the circles to appear you can use the top navigation. Make sure your image is the active (blue) layer in your Layer Palette, then choose Layer > Create Clipping Mask or use the key code Control (Windows) or Command (MAC) + G to clip your image to the photo layer.

    >>> NOTE
    : Once you clip your photo to the photo layer you’ll need to resize it. See the next step.
  4. Ideally you inserted a photo that’s too large for your image box, you’ll need to fit it into the photo layer. Size the template to your liking by selecting Edit > Transform from the top menu. You can also use the key code Control (Windows) or Command (MAC) + T.

    If your photo is so large that you cannot see the edges of your image use the key code Control (Windows) or Command (MAC) + 0 (zero) to show your entire canvas. Now resize your image by holding down on your SHIFT key and dragging the corner of your image to resize it. Use your magnify tool to enlarge the image as you go, if needed. Hit enter to set the final size.

    >>> IMPORTANT: It’s very important to resize your image proportionately. To do this, you MUST hold down on the SHIFT key as you drag the corners or select the “Maintain Aspect Ratio” button at the top of your work space.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each of your photo layers.
  6. Now it’s time to edit your text. We include a list of the fonts we use with each template download as well as on the product page. In this brief tutorial, we'll show you exactly where to look to find the fonts and then how to install them on your computer so your compositions will look exactly like ours! 

    Once you have installed your fonts, if needed, locate the text layer you want to edit from the Layer Palette. Then, using your selection tool, double click on the T in that layer. This will automatically choose that layer and highlight the text on your template.

    Now you can change your font, font size and other character options from the Character Palette. If you don’t see your Character Palette, select it from the top menu by navigating to Window > Character. 

    Thanks again for choosing Ashe Design for your templates! If you have additional questions, please visit our Training Video Page, read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us via email at