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Ashe Design Blog — Ashe Design of the Day

Ashe Design of the Day -- August 7, 2011

ADOTD: Birth Announcements, Volume 3 for just $5 Attention baby photographers: get the entire Volume 3 of our Birth Annoucments (30 templates) for just $5. Get 10 fabulous designs in 4x6, 5x5 and 5x7 photo card templates! They make birth announcements so easy and you can print them anywhere. Get all 10 designs today only for just $5 each. Use the code: ADOTD

Ashe Design of the Day -- August 5, 2011

ADOTD: Christmas Cards Volume 3 for just $10 Stock up for the holidays with Volume 3 in our Christmas Card sets. This set includes 40 templates in 5 unique designs for just $10. It includes several photo card sizes plus 5x5 press printed cards in flat and folded designs. Get all 40 templates for just $10 today. Use the code ADOTD.

Ashe Design of the Day -- August 4, 2011

ADOTD: Gold Leaf CD/DVD Labels & Case, just $10 Today get our CD/DVD Labels and Case one of most popular designs -- Gold Leaf for just $10! These are perfect additions to our design files for anytime you sell digital files. Increase your referrals by making digital images more tangilbe. They are also perfect for wedding DVDs. Don't wait, stock up now and get his great design for just $10. Use the code ADOTD.

Ashe Design of the Day -- August 3, 2011

ADOTD: Pink Leopard Paper Pack for $5 Get the fun Pink Leopard Paper Pack for just $5, today only! It's a super fun addition to any design collection. Need ideas for using papers in your business, check out our tutorial on how to use papers! Remember the code is ADOTD!

Ashe Design of the Day -- July 30, 2011

ADOTD: 3x3 Christmas Keepsake Accordion Mini Today get the very popular Christmas Keepsake Accordion Mini for just $10 with the code ADOTD. This is a very popular template that will make a great addition to any template collection. Don't miss your chance to get this template for just $10!  

Ashe Design of the Day -- July 28, 2011

ADOTD: Diamonds and Swirls 10x10 Gallery Wrap Add the Diamond and Swirls 10x10 Gallery Wrap to your template collection. Today it's on sale for just $5. Use the code: ADOTD But hurry, it's a one day sale so it's only good until midnight, July 28, 2011. This template purchase includes our display templates that help you show your customers exactly what their finished wrap will look like. Don't pass it up this great offer!

Ashe Design of the Day -- July 27, 2011

ADOTD: Sports Trading Cards - Volume 1 Today's your chance to stock up for the fall sports season! Get the Volume 1 Sports Trading Cards for just $10 today with the code ADOTD! The volume includes 6 trading cards for basketall, baseball and soccer. Each card template is2.75 x 3.75 press printed templates. Finished size will be 2.5 x 3.5! These are top sellers and super easy to use. Plus, today they are just $10. Be sure the check them out! If you haven't seen our sports line, be sure to checkout all the great sports templates we currently have...

Ashe Design of the Day -- July 26, 2011

ADOTD: Olde World Charm Collection Get our entire Olde World Charm Collection for just $35, today only with the code: ADOTD. This entire collection retails at $89.99. This is your chance to get all the matching pieces, including photo books, image boxes, CD/DVD cases and labels, cards and coordinating digital papers! It's a great deal, but it's good today only -- July 26, 2011 -- with the code ADOTD.   This collection includes: ● 10x10 Photo Album, 5x7 Photo Album, 3x3 Accordion Mini Album ● 11 Image Box Designs: sizes included hold the following print sizes/amounts: 4x6 horizontal in 100,...

Ashe Design of the Day -- July 25, 2011

ADOTD: Proof Box Template, $10 Brand your business with this elegant 250 count proof box in our Victorian design. These templates are designed for custom printing at HB Photo. Get your template today, July 25, 2011, for just $10 with the code: ADOTD. Be sure to check out all the custom packaging options we have for printing at HB Photo!

Ashe Design of the Day - July 21, 2011

ADOTD: Tribal Teen Gallery Block Now's your chance to try a Gallery Block with a template at a great price. Get the Tribal Teen Gallery Block today for just $10. Gallery Blocks are a beautiful display that your customers will love and today only you can get started with a template for just $10! Use the code: ADOTD. Print your gallery block at any of the following labs: Artsy Couture, Bay Photo Lab, Garrett-Lane Color Lab, Nations Photo Lab.