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🌟 The Next Big Selling Products For 2020 Grads!

Lawn signs are still in demand but don't overlook banners.
I'm pretty sure we've done our fair share of covering the United States in lawn signs! This has created great opportunity for photographers who thought they'd lost their spring sports seasons only to be replaced by signage products for entire senior classes. Many families are still looking for other ways to honor their high school or college seniors and banners are taking center stage. As many graduation parties are put on hold for the time being, front door banners provide a way for families to show pride for their seniors. We love the profit margin of banners too! If you are a customer, a 2'x4' banner will cost you just $18 to print with overnight shipping. While all markets are different, we recommend setting your starting price at $40. Remember, many people are in a tight spot financially now and reasonable pricing combined with a great product is a winning combination that will set you apart from the rest during this challenging time.

Graduation parades provide another selling opportunity.
The 2020 graduating class may end up being the most celebrated class yet and it's providing more selling opportunities for photographers! Car magnets are another popular selling item for graduation parades which are happening all over the country. Most people are purchasing them in sets of 2 which helps your profit margin and solves their "How am I going to decorate my car?" problem. Plus, it's just one more way to get your name out there to increase your customer base going forward. As with lawn signs, we love and use for printing. One 24"x12" magnet costs $14.95 plus $10 overnight shipping. Try offering a single magnet at $40 and set of 2 at $60. Not a bad profit for just minutes of work on your part!

Don't miss out on 8th grade moving up ceremonies!
Moving up from middle school to high school is a BIG deal and traditionally celebrated with a moving up ceremony. Offer your customers the perfect way to display their students with a custom designed photo banner. We do realize there are other grades with moving up ceremonies too. Since the text is fully editable, you can easily customize these banners for any grade such as first, fifth, sixth or whatever grade your area demands.

You are a hero too!!
We are all about looking for more options for you to make your mark in this challenging time. You have the unique opportunity to not only provide your customers with lasting keepsakes that solve their problems but make a real name for yourself while creating a new revenue stream. Yes, you are a hero too! Use our mock up templates to give your offerings a professional touch and post on social media regularly. Facebook is probably the best place to offer your products, but don't discount Instagram. You can easily advertise free but now might be a great time to test the waters with paid advertising on Facebook. Set a daily amount to spend and end the campaign at any time. Remember, you can offer these products to anyone, anywhere. One share from a well-connected parent could turn into a big job for you which can pay off nicely now and in the future. Keep your prices reasonable and you'll catch more fish. Now is the time to make your mark!

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