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12 Ways to Increase Website Traffic


Marketing Minute 12 Ways to Increase Website TrafficMonday’s Marketing Minute:

12 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Everyone is always looking to increase website traffic. If you’re looking to give your site – in particular your blog – a little boost, here are 12 easy-to-implement tips to help you get moving in the right direction. Add your favorite tip in the comments below!  

Tip #1 Engage your Social Networks

Link back to your own site on social networking sites, but include more than a link. Ask a question, leave a tip or comment in some way that leaves your audience wanting to learn more.  

Tip #2 Write Good Stuff

Make sure your site includes content your readers will be interested in reading. Think about what your customers would like to learn about when they visit your page. Make a list of post ideas for those days when you are struggling with a new topic.  

Tip #3 Link to Your Own Content

Sometimes you’ll have related articles or posts on your site. Take advantage and link back to those articles in your new articles. You’ll keep many visitors on your site longer and they’ll be reading twice as much great content on your site!  

Tip #4 Guest Post

In addition to writing for your own site, write guest posts too! In addition to getting new traffic to your site, you’ll also improve your SEO with more quality links back to your own site.

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Tip #5 Include Links In your Emails

Make sure your e-mail signature includes a link back to your site. Every time you correspond with anyone, you should always be referring them back to your site.  

Tip #6 Make It Shareable

Write content that people want to share. Great photos always help too! You’ll also want to make sure that you’ve made your content easy to share with social media share buttons! If they like the article and it’s easy to share you’ll see a lot more sharing going on!  

Tip #7 Respond to Everyone

Make an effort to respond to every comment on you blog and on social media sites. By interacting with your customer base on a regular basis you’ll start to build relationships. Plus, they might have great ideas for new topics!  

Tip #8 Have A Call To Action

Ask your readers to do something. Maybe you want them to comment on the article, share the article or complete some other task. Try to end your articles with some call to action.  

Tip #9 Offer Something FREE

People love free! Consider offering your readers a freebie on your site. Sometimes I like to throw in a freebie at the bottom of my articles to reward those who read all the way to the end!  

Tip #10 Increase Your Frequency

One surefire way to increase readership is to give them more to read. Look at your current posting schedule and see if there is a way you could add 1 or even 2 more articles each week.  

Tip #11 Don’t Skimp

Make sure your posts are long enough for search engines to find them. Every blog post and all content pages should be at least 300 words in length. Give your articles a chance to be found and make sure you’re getting in at least 300 words at a time!  

Tip #12 Make it Easy to Comment

I know SPAM can be a real issue, but the easier you make it for readers to weigh in, the more likely they’ll engage in the conversation. Make commenting easy for the best engagement.  

Join the Conversation

Which tips can you implement on your site this week? Have other ideas for boosting readership and engagement on your site? Leave a comment below!

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