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New Site Features a Search Function

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Over the next few week's I'll be highlighting some of the features of our new website. I thought I'd start with the Search Feature! This is something that we really wanted to have on the site and we love that we have this option, but like many things it's not without it's challenges, so are some tips to help you get the best results in your search.

Let's look at an example.

First, I'm going to search for Sports Templates.

When I do this, I get 1,911 products. This is because it's searching for EITHER "SPORTS" OR "TEMPLATES" Fortunately, it pulls the designs with BOTH first, then the remaining designs.


Now I'm going to search for Sports.

When I enter sports in the search field. You can see this narrowed my results to 78 products, but it included all of the Texture Overlays (a product I'm not really looking for) because the Texture Overlays say that they look great with sports pictures (and they do by the way!).


Try searching for "Sports Templates"

My next option is to put quotes around what I'm searching for, so in this example I'm going to type: "sports templates" When I do this it will search for items that contain BOTH WORDS "SPORTS" AND "TEMPLATES"

My results are narrowed, but now I find I'm missing sports-related Word Art, Amped Effects and other sports-related products (that aren't "templates").


Using the Navigation

So, while the search is great to help lead you in the right direction, we've put a lot of focus on making our navigation easy to use. If you go to SHOP > OCCASIONS > SPORTS you'll find that you get all of the sports designs.


In this example we get 49 Sports Designs and then we can use the links on the left further narrow your results. In this case our options include: Amped Effects, Collages (which will include memory mates), Designer Gems, Social Media and Word Art.


We'd love your feedback!

Let us know what you think about the new website and the search feature. Just leave a comment below!

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