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Adding Ashe Design Presets to Lightroom Mobile for Android Phones

1. Download the PDF file included with your purchase and click on the preset photo to download.

2. Click on "Open" in the pop up box that appears at the bottom of the page.
3. Click on the share icon in the lower left corner.
4. Scroll through the icons on the bottom until you see Lightroom. Click on "Add to Lr". Repeat steps 1-4 until all presets are added to Lightroom.
5. Open your Lightroom app and go to your library. Click on "All Photos".
8. This will open your photos where you'll be able to choose each individually.
9. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner.
10. Choose "Create Preset".
11. Type in your preset name here. In this case, we'll name it "Ultra Bright". Next we'll create a preset group to organize this preset bundle. Click on the down arrow to create a new group.
12. Click on "Create New Preset Group".
13. Here you can name your group. In this case, we've identified Ashe Design with "AD" and added the name of the preset bundle "Gamer Sports Effect" after that. When finished, click on the check mark in the upper right corner circled above.
14. Click the check mark again to confirm. This will add the preset to Lightroom.
15. Once you've added your first preset, you'll be redirected back to the photo containing that preset. To add the next preset, go back to your photos by clicking on the back arrow in the upper left we've circled above.
16. Click on another photo to add the next preset.
17. Type in the next preset name. No need to create another preset group as it should now default to the group you just created. Repeat the steps above to add all 5 presets.

Now you are ready to use your new Ashe Design Lightroom presets on your Android phone. Click here to see how easy it is!