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Ashe Design Blog — $5

Ashe Design of the Day -- August 7, 2011

ADOTD: Birth Announcements, Volume 3 for just $5 Attention baby photographers: get the entire Volume 3 of our Birth Annoucments (30 templates) for just $5. Get 10 fabulous designs in 4x6, 5x5 and 5x7 photo card templates! They make birth announcements so easy and you can print them anywhere. Get all 10 designs today only for just $5 each. Use the code: ADOTD

Ashe Design of the Day -- August 3, 2011

ADOTD: Pink Leopard Paper Pack for $5 Get the fun Pink Leopard Paper Pack for just $5, today only! It's a super fun addition to any design collection. Need ideas for using papers in your business, check out our tutorial on how to use papers! Remember the code is ADOTD!

Ashe Design of the Day -- July 28, 2011

ADOTD: Diamonds and Swirls 10x10 Gallery Wrap Add the Diamond and Swirls 10x10 Gallery Wrap to your template collection. Today it's on sale for just $5. Use the code: ADOTD But hurry, it's a one day sale so it's only good until midnight, July 28, 2011. This template purchase includes our display templates that help you show your customers exactly what their finished wrap will look like. Don't pass it up this great offer!

Ashe Design of the Day - June 18, 2011

ADOTD:20x20 Gallery Wrap for $5 Get a great gallery wrap design for just $5. Out Misty 20x20 Gallery Wrap includes1 1-1/2" and 2 1/2" depths in the 300 DPI (WHCC) and 250 DPI  (MPIX and ACI Lab). Plus get a free bonus display template to help show  your customer exactly what the finished piece will look like. Get all 5 templates for just $5, today only. Use the code: ADOTD.

It's a HUGE $5 Friday - July 15

Friday, July 15, 2011 Wallet Mini Calendars and Marketing Sets This week, we're offering more professional photography templates ... for $5 each But hurry this offer is only good Friday, July 15, 2011 and only with the code 5onFriday. [Click on the images below for more information.]   2.5x3.5 Wallet Mini Book 12-Month Calendar (January 2012 - December 2012) Check out these adorable Accordion Mini 2012 calendars! These fun and functional 12-month calendars make wonderful gifts. They fit perfectly in a purse and display beautifully on the refrigerator. It doesn't matter if they include images from a wedding, newborn images,...

Ashe Design of the Day - July 14

ADOTD: Muslin Digital Papers Never wish for a new background again. Get 60 fabulous digital backgrounds for just $5, today only. Simply use the promo code: ADOTD. Here's the details: ● 60 hand crafted background images; 30 in vertical format and 30 in horizontal format ● 8x10 size (2400x3000) - High Quality 300 DPI - .tiff file format ● For use with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Microsoft Picture It, Paint Shop Pro, Corel name a few.

Ashe Design of the Day - July 13

ADOTD: Animal Print Textures If you've never played with textures on your photos, now's the day to start. Get our super fun Animal Print Texture Set for just $5, today only with promo code: ADOTD! They are a tons of fun and great for enhancing images, plus they come with a tutorial on how to use them. This texture pack contains: ● 5 premium quality, hand-crafted texture designs ● Size = 14.4 x 9.6 inches (4320x2880) .jpg file format ● Compatible with all versions of Photoshop & Photoshop Elements ● Instructional tutorial included

Ashe Design of the Day - July 10

ADOTD: Swirled Grunge Image Box Image boxes are a great addition to print orders or to use with proofs. Get today's Ashe Design of the Day (ADOTD), the Swirled Grunge Image Box template, for just $5! Use the code ADOTD at checkout.

Ashe Design of the Day - June 25

ADOTD: Holiday Luxe Cards, Vol 2 Get started building your holiday collections with this Ashe Design of the Day. Get the Volume 2 Luxe Card set for $5, today only, regularly $14.99. Just enter ADOTD at checkout. The set includes 5 front and back designs in 5x5 and 5x7 sizes. Plus, 5 BONUS presentation templates: Easily customize these templates with your customers' images to show them exactly what their printed cards will look like! They are great sales tools! Designed for printing at Millers Lab

Ashe Design of the Day - June 23

ADOTD: Floral Harmony Image Box Get all 11 Floral Harmony Image Box designs for just $5, today only. Just enter ADOTD at checkout. ● You will receive 11 templates in the design shown below. ● Formatted for printing at ● Sizes included hold the following print sizes/amounts: 4x6 horizontal in 100, 250 & 400 print depths 4x6 vertical in 100, 250, 400 & 800 print depths 5x7 horizontal in 100 & 250 print depths 5x7 vertical in 100 & 250 print depths