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20 Marketing Tips to Build Your Photography Business

20 things market photography business Marketing marketing minute

20 FREE or Low Cost Tips that You Can Do This Week!

20 Marketing TipsYou are a photographer. You don’t have time for marketing … but you know how important it is to get your name out there. This week I’m going to share 20 things that you can do right now. Every single tip is either free or super cheap and they take so little time you won’t have any excuse for checking each and every one of these off your list this week! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work!
  1. Send a thank you card after every session.
  2. Attend local events and take photos (with permission) to either give away or sell on your site. Examples include sporting events, county fairs, business events, etc.) (You might actually make money on this one!)
  3. Offer free artwork to local businesses – like coffee shops, doctor’s offices, hair salons, etc.
  4. Have samples to show your clients. If you don’t have a studio, just make a kit to take around with you and show products on-site.
  5. Offer discounts for bigger orders.
  6. Create collections that make ordering easy.
  7. Exceed expectations. Find a way to give your customers a little extra something with every session.
  8. Leave your business cards at local businesses and hand them out everywhere you go.
  9. Post sneak peeks to Facebook and Instagram and tag your clients in the images.
  10. Include a free digital item with your sessions. A few examples are Senior Yearbook Ads, Facebook Timeline Covers, etc.
  11. Get listed on local photography sites.
  12. Update your website with your best images.
  13. Use referral cards to help spread the word.
  14. Donate a free session to a local fundraising auction or charity.
  15. Start building an email list. Start with current clients and build as you make new contacts. Let people sign up for a newsletter on your website too.
  16. Create custom business cards with your best photos. You might even consider a custom design for each market segment – families, seniors, etc.
  17. Set up a mini session or themed shoot day. Back to school, fall and holiday sessions are all great for this time of year!
  18. Join social and business groups to network.
  19. Sponsor an award at a local community event.
  20. Call past customers to set up a new session or offer add on products (like holiday cards).
Every one of these marketing tips is both time and cost effective. Decide which ones you want to do today and get started! The sooner you start marketing your businesses the sooner you’ll see the payoff.

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