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5 Super Simple Tips for Keeping your Website Updated

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5 Super Simple Tips for Keeping your Website Fresh

Monday's Marketing Minute: Dust Off Your Online Studio

  Marketing Minute: Freshen Your WebisteThe first place most people go to learn about a new product or service is that company’s website. What does your website say about you? It’s easy to let your website become stale or even out-dated; but an old or outdated website says you either went out of business or simply don’t care about your business. Think about your website like it is your online storefront. If you have old or outdated information on your website, it’s like having weeds growing outside your studio door (which could use a fresh coat of paint!). Make sure your website is an inviting place that invites new and former customers to come in and look around! Here are a few ideas to help you keep your home page fresh!

 5  Tips for Keeping your Photography Website Fresh

1. Visit your website daily

If you have a studio, you walk through the front door everyday and see exactly what your customers see, but sometimes we forget to visit our website every day. Most of your new customers will visit your website before they call you or visit your studio. Does your website say what you want new customers to hear?

Make sure you look at your own website on a regular basis; every day if you can.

2. Freshen your homepage weekly

Keep your brand consistent, but add new information or images on a regular basis. A website that stays the same is not inviting to customers. Update the home page with seasonal images on a regular basis. Your homepage is also a great place to display special promotions or upcoming mini sessions.

Change up your front page regularly; if not weekly, at least monthly.

3. Don’t let dates, date your site

Dates can be tricky! If a promotion or event is in the past, get it off your site or make sure it’s archived. Nothing is more frustrating for users than going to a site and seeing expired content.

If there are dates on your homepage, make sure they are updated automatically or you have a system for keeping them updated.

4. Feature session images

As a photographer you have a nearly endless supply of images to showcase on your website. Make sure you use this to your advantage and feature new images on your site regularly. This will keep your site fresh and showcase some of your best work right on the main page of your website.

5. Provide value to your customers

Want to keep customers coming back? Find a way to provide value to your customers. The best way to do this is by creating helpful tips for your customers. These tips can vary greatly and should relate to your target markets. I like the idea of using a blog format to offer tips on what to wear, planning for your session or even taking your own photos. You might even consider pulling this content onto your homepage so it’s easier for clients find.

Share with us!

How often do you update your home page and/or website content? What techniques do you use to generate content?   We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment.

Monday’s Marketing Minute

Being a great photographer is as much about running a great business as is it is about taking great photos! We are starting a new weekly blog post called the “Monday Marketing Minute”. The idea is to provide you with a few actionable (and practical) steps you can implement each week to grow your photography business. With each Monday Marketing Minute we will offer at least one actionable step you can take. Plus, we’ll ask you to share at least one thing you are doing/want to do related to that week’s topic. By sharing we can all learn and grow! Bonus! You might find your idea on a future Monday Marketing Minute.

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