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6 Tips to Pin Like a Pro

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Ideas for Improving Pinterest Activity, Plus FREE Collage Pins

Pinterest is huge with more than 47 million people. While that seems small compared to Facebook’s 1.35 billion (yes, with a B) users, Pinterest has something Facebook doesn’t – growth. According to TechCrunch Pinterest has a growth rate of 57% compared to Facebooks 6% growth. Plus, Pinterest followers tend to be shoppers – something Facebook can’t claim. Here are some stats that just blew my mind:
  • 96% have used Pinterest to research and gather information
  • 93% have used Pinterest to plan for purchases
  • 87% have purchased something because of Pinterest
Your customers are browsing a huge catalog on Pinterest, researching their options and ultimately making their purchase decisions. So, let’s get out there and get pinning!

PromotionalPinHere are 6 Tips to Pin Like a Pro

1. Pin ALL of your content – every session or blog post

Ultimately, the goal is to drive traffic (customers) back to your website (or have them contact you directly) to make a purchase. So, pin every session and every blog post to your page. This will help drive more traffic. Whenever possible, put new content on your website and then pin it. In addition to sessions, pin articles about your products, specials, packages and tips that you share with your customer base. The more you pin from your site, the more traffic you’ll see clicking through to your pages!

 2. Create Images that get pinned

Long pins work great on Pinterest, so start thinking about how you can layout your images to get noticed and pinned. To help you, we’ve created these new Simply Stated Collage Pins. Simply add your images to these layouts and use them on Pinterst. We’ve included two long pins (736x3784 and 736x2128) in this set. {Get them FREE for a limited time, August 2015.} In addition to the images, make sure your pins include a description that has keywords that your customers might search.

 3. Keep Your Page Organized

Develop a strategy for the boards on your site. Decide if you want to organize them by audience (family, senior, baby) or by product (wall art, announcements & invitations, etc.). It might make sense to have a mix of both. Make sure you also categorize your boards and include descriptions with key words. This will help your content to be found when pinners are searching for specific products or services.

 5. Repin & Comment on Pins Each Day

Repining content from other sites will help you build your Pinterest following. Repin a few items each day. As a rule of thumb, you should pin items that you think your customers would be interested in.

Pro Tip: Sometimes, I find things that are inspirational or informative to me, but won’t necessarily interest my customers (examples for photographers might be poses, how to set up your lighting, etc.) I love the secret boards for these items! I can keep track of them for my reference, but they aren’t visible on my page.

In addition to repining, it’s a great idea to comment on a few posts each day. Be sure to add value in your comments and be sincere – not self-promoting.

Follow Other Pinners

It’s a really good idea to follow other pinners. You can use the search feature to find pinners similar to you or with like interests. This will keep your board fresh and help provide you with new content to repin on a regular basis.

Pro Tip: I also like to see where I come up in searches. I use keyword searches to see if my page or pins appear and then use that info to tweak the descriptions on my pins and boards.

Use Your Analytics

Utilize Pinterest Analytics to see what’s getting repinned and clicked on from your page. I really like to take a look at the mix of pins from my site versus pins from other sites. If I’m getting a lot of repins and clicks for stuff I’ve repinned from other sites, I know that I need to create more original content in those areas. Analytics An example of that for us at Ashe Design is our fonts board. We used to just repin some of our favorite fonts, but since those get a ton of traffic, it made sense to include some blog posts on our site that deal with fonts. We can pin those and effectively drive more traffic back to our own website.

Join the Conversation

How do you use Pinterest to market your business? What successes have you had? What challenges do you face? Leave a comment below.    

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