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Your Love-Hate Relationship with Facebook

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FacebookIf you’re like most photographers (or small business owners for that matter) you probably have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. You hate the algorithm changes, the declining visibility of your posts and more. But you’ve still got to love the ability it gives you to connect with your customers in an online space like never before. Here are three great tips to help you increase your engagement on Facebook.

 1. Write (and Share) Quality Posts

Treat each Facebook post like a small magazine article. Keep it short, but give your followers something that’s thoughtful and interesting. As a rule, engage with your audience with a call to action. You can ask them to click for more information, call to schedule an appointment or comment with their thoughts. You may not have enough of your content to keep your page active, so share other content that you think your readers might be interested in seeing. This keeps them more engaged with your Facebook page and increases the probability that they’ll see other posts on your page.

 2. Tag People, Places and Businesses

Be sure to tag people, places and businesses in your posts. By doing this, you’re expanding reach beyond your followers to friends and followers of other pages. Of course, you’ll only want to do this when it makes sense, but try to tag others whenever you have the opportunity.

3. Be Visual

Think about the way your page looks. Scroll through your page to view the content the way your audience might when they visit your page. Make sure you are including images that work well and represent your business. You’ll only want to share your very best work and you’ll want to make if visually appealing for your audience. Facebook Post I’ve started sizing a lot of my single image posts to the Facebook Ad size (currently 1,200 x 628 pixels). This allows my page to look more uniform when clients and potential customers scroll down my page. It also allows me to boost the post, if I decide to (as long as I also complied with the 20% text rule).

Join the Conversation

Follow these simple steps to improve the effectiveness of your Facebook page. If you have other tips that have worked for you, please share them below!  

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