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How to Price Custom Holiday Cards To Cover Your Costs


Tips for Pricing Holiday Cards for a Marketing Campaign

Snow Globe Let It Snow 5x7 CardLast week we posted an article on using Holiday Cards as a marketing strategy. Today, I wanted to show you how to price your holiday cards to make sure you cover 100% of your cost. Remember, in this case, we aren’t pricing for profit; just to make sure we cover all of our costs as we already got paid for our session, so we aren’t looking to make additional profit there either. An example where you would use this method to calculate your pricing is where you are utilizing holiday cards to get your studio information out and touch base with customers who had sessions with you earlier in the year. For more information on this marketing strategy you can read about it here. Now, let’s get started on pricing. Here are the assumptions I’m going to use. Simply adjust the numbers to fit your situation.
  1. You purchased an Ashe Design holiday card template for $9.99. You might purchase it for less, but the regular price for press printed cards is $9.99.
  2. You upload your design via our Upload Your Own templates and printed cards for $1.20 each and paid $4.99 ground shipping.
  3. Next I’m going to assume that you value your time at $40/hour and you can easily put together a card in 30 minutes or less.
  4. Finally, I’m going to assume that your average order is 100 cards.

 Here's a look at the math!

Holiday Card Pricing You should be able to cover 100 percent of your costs in this scenario if you charge $1.55 per card or $155 for an order of 100 cards. Anything you charge over this price will be profit!

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