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How to Run a FREE Direct Mail Campaign this Fall

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Get Your Fall Direct Mail Campaign Paid For

Direct mail is effective, but expensive. Why not have your customers pay the postage on your next marketing campaign? In fact, I bet you can even get your clients to cover the cost of the mailing and send it all to their family and friends at no cost to you. Follow this three-step approach to get your name in font of hundreds or even thousands of potential clients for FREE.

This three-step approach will show you how to effectively get your name in front of tons of prospective clients through a targeted holiday card campaign!


Step 1: Make a list of clients you photographed this year

Go back through your database or image files and get a complete list of every session you had this year. In particular, look for families or married couples that you photographed. Pick out 2-5 images from these sessions and put them in a folder. Also, make sure that you have their contact information handy. You’ll need that in step 3.

[caption id="attachment_3962" align="alignright" width="300"]Use Holiday Cards as Direct Mail Click to see the full page with a sample message![/caption]

Step 2: Make a mock Christmas card for each family using Ashe Design templates

Pick a couple of your favorite Ashe Design templates and make up a mock Christmas card for each family you photographed this year. On the back of each card make sure you include your name or website. You might even put both. You’ll want to print a copy of the card on plain office paper or watermark the card and save it as a low-res jpg file. This is what you’re going to show your customers.  

Step 3: Get Christmas card orders from each family

With your mock cards in hand, visit with each family either in person or via email. Let them know that you are running a “limited time” special on holiday cards and you want them to get in on this deal. If they place their order this week, they can order this card at your cost (make sure you factor in your time and the cost of the card + shipping when you determine the cost). It’s important that you let your customers know they have to place their order this week and it has to be this card. If they want a different card, you can charge a set-up fee to help cover your costs. Once you get the check from your clients, all you have to do is place the order for a card that you already designed. Your client will cover the postage and provide the mailing list! [caption id="attachment_3965" align="aligncenter" width="571"]Add Your Logo to the Back of the Card Add Your Logo to the Back of the Card[/caption] With just a little planning you’ll launch a huge marketing campaign and get your customers to pay for it at the same time.

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