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Website Customization for Photographers


Meet jR Customization - We are one of the leading specialist in SmugMug, Blog, and Facebook customizations for over 6 years!

We have worked one-on-one with clients from all over the world, from our home state of Michigan to Texas, California, Costa Rica, and The UK. We work with you to develop a custom web presence designed specifically for you! We believe that your business is unique, therefore your web site should be too!

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SmugMug | Wordpress | Facebook

SmugMug Customization

* Your market branding logo/banner image on every page * Navigation bar with one or two clicks to photo galleries or content * Navigation bars with fancy stretch slideshow technology and animation * Mobile friendly Slideshows – varying throughout the site adapting to the subject, such as weddings or senior portraits * Content pages such as Investment, About and Contact - everything managed and maintained by you on your SmugMug site  

Facebook Fan Page Customization

* Your Facebook Fan page will maintain the same look/feel as your SmugMug/WordPress Customization * Easy to navigate using consistent and familiar Facebook tabs * Ability to feed Facebook your galleries directly from SmugMug * Comments made via facebook id's which increases your blog article awareness in the Facebook social media circle * Your SmugMug content pages (About, Investment, Services) can be pulled directly from SmugMug to your Fan Page * Incorporation of your Twitter Feed * Incorporation of your WordPress Blog RSS feed  

WordPress Customization

* Ability to customize your blog to match your brand marketing (from your SmugMug Site) * Ability to have different 'themes' tailored to specific aspects of your business while maintaining a consistent overall market brand * Consistent banner, slideshow (optional) and web site navigation on every page * Ability to post large images up to a 1000 pixels in width with your blog articles * Ability to embed videos and slideshows within your blog articles * Ability for you and your site visitors to share your blog articles via "social networking" such as facebook, twitter, etc.   For more information, please visit or

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