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5 Ways to Sell More Holiday Cards

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5 Ways to Sell More Holiday Cards

How Photography Templates from Ashe Design Can Increase Sales

1. Send Customized Sample Cards

Samples almost always help make the sale, but customized sample cards with images from your photo session will almost always result in sales. Think about it. Everybody sends holiday cards. They can buy them somewhere else or they can buy them from you! We’ve made it super easy for you give your customers customized holiday cards. We teamed up with Century Color Lab so that you can get two sample cards for just $2. Send one off to your customer and save one for a studio sample. Your customers will love them and you’ll see your sales increase!  

2. Offer Several Designs

Let’s face it, all of your customers are unique and want something that’s “them”. That’s why we started designing our Holiday Card Templates in July! We have 32 brand new and unique designs available this year, plus some additional designs from 2010 – all available on our website. There is a little something for everyone!  

3. Give Customers Options

Offer your customers a bigger selection of card options at various price points. Many will go with high end press printed cards in flat, folded or die cut shapes, but a few might prefer to have simple photo cards. All of our 2011 Designs include all of these options! Plus, you can always add the ultimate high end with the folded Luxe holiday cards for printing at Miller’s Lab. These are offered in all of our Holiday Collections or can be purchased as stand-alone design templates.  

4. Add Cards to Collections

You’re already familiar with the concept of bundling and building collections. The idea is to sell more at a higher profit margin while showing your customer an opportunity to save money. Adding Holiday Cards to collections can help sell the entire package and may also result in an add-on purchase of additional cards. Say you offer 50 cards in your Collection, but a customer needs 100! You sell the collection, plus the additional cards!  

5. Help them Shop

Your customers are doing their holiday shopping now too! What better gift than the products you can provide? Suggest creative gift ideas like accordion mini albums for aunts and uncles; gallery wraps fro grandparents; desk calendars for Dad’s office. The list goes on and on. What gift ideas do you share with your customers? Leave a comment below!

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