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Monday's Marketing Minute: Branding Basics

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Branding Basics: Writing your positioning statement Last week we answered three important questions about our businesses and ourselves.

1. Who are you? 2. What do you do? 3. Why does it matter?

 We had some great responses to these questions. Here’s mine:

1. My name is Christina, I’m a wife and mother of three with a passion to help moms simplify their busy lives so that they can help support their families financially with work that they love – while caring for the people they love.

2. I work with small business owners (many owned by women) to help them develop creative marketing programs that will increase sales so that they have an opportunity to bring financial stability to their family while simplifying their life, so that they can spend more time in their homes and with their family.

3. I’m passionate about helping small business owners live out the American Dream without burning out their spirit or their family. I believe that in many cases women in our society must be able to support their family financially, but I don’t think it should be at the cost of raising their family.  I’ve worked the corporate world and I’ve seen my family struggle. I now work from home and know that it’s an option for millions of women just like me, ready to make that big step.


So, now that we know this information about ourselves, what do we do with it?

To start, we rejoice in the fact that our lives are meaningful and that we are passionate about something. Then, we dig in, get our hands dirty, and write a positioning statement for our business. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for years or are just starting to write your first business plan, you should have a positioning statement. Use the information from the first lesson to write a positioning statement for yourself or your business. Be creative, but it might look something like one of these. (I suggest writing a few before you decide on one.)

Empowering women to simplify their lives

Loving work … loving family

Creative campaigns for busy moms

Side note: On a personal note, I’m stepping away from my photography business to spend more time with my true talent: marketing. As I revamp my website to better reflect the new direction of my company, I’d love your feedback and suggestions. You can visit my website as it's in transition at or you can contact me via e-mail. Here are some other positioning statements (from a few of our favorite vendors) to help you think about your own positioning statement: Ashe Design: Professionally Mastered Photography Templates at Reasonable Prices Century Color Lab: Not just a professional lab, your personal lab Prop Insanity: For photog and prop junkies Photographers Bling: Helping you advance your business and creativity

Ok, so get to work and post your new positioning statement below in the comments (or vote on one for me!).

Christina Roth

Christina Roth is the owner of Summit View Communications, LLC and Summit View Photos. She’s a wife and mother of three who is passionate about helping creative moms (and other small business owners) find ways to develop their passions into a business that can support their family, while simplifying their lives. Christina lives by the prayer plaque at her front door, which reads: “Lord help me to not be so busy making a living that I forget to make a life.”

  Christina is the marketing director for Ashe Design and a regular contributor to the Ashe Design blog site. If you are interested in writing guest blogs that will reach thousands of photographers, please contact Christina via e-mail for more information.

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