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Printing Trading Cards

signs365 sports Trader Cards Trading cards

We are so excited to share a wholesale printer with you where you can print 50 trader cards for $1. That's not a typo! It's basically whatever you can fit on an 18"x28" sheet for just $1.There is a requirement that you'll need your own company website in order to take advantage of this wholesale pricing and open an account on, so please take note of that. You can use Ashe Design as a referral to help with the account approval process.

Once you have established an account, you're ready to place your order. Click on the infographic below for a larger view.

Ordering Trader Cards From Signs365

    1. Navigate to the "handheld" section and choose the "paper" option.
    2. Choose the 5"x7" (12 per sheet) option. We choose this size because it most closely represents the proportions of the trader card. We are working closely with to provide us with the standard 2.5"x3.5" option, but need to do a work around for the time being. For $1, it's worth it! Finish this step by setting your orientation to portrait, print sides to double and gloss finish to yes.
    3. Click the images button to display image options.
    4. Select the front image and upload your finished JPG file. Once uploaded, select the image then choose the "fit" button which will turn solid green. Repeat steps for back image.
    5. Leave 12 in the quantity box. Once you contact Signs365, the quantity will get sorted out to 50. We have had reports that there are not always 50 received. For this reason, we suggest offering less than 50 and keeping any extras for samples to hand out.
    6. Add to cart and make note of your order number.
    7. Instant message or call to let them know you have a custom order at 1-800-265-8830. Tell them you want 2.5"x3.5" trader cards printed. See sample message on infographic.
    8. IMPORTANT STEP. If enough of us message them to request they add this 2.5x3.5 trader card size to their dropdown menu options, I'm hopeful we can effect change and avoid these extra steps.

      We are happy to suggest as we have used them ourselves and highly recommend their products!

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